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Chat & Text Support for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Available 12pm-12am, 7 days a week

How to chat


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  • Click the Get Support Now widget to talk with us.

  • The chat window will open and you will be connected to a highly trained crisis and support volunteer. 

  • The web chat is completely encrypted and the safest way to chat with us.

  • You need data or wifi to access online chat.

  • You can end the conversation when you choose, by clicking the Quick Escape button in the top right corner or closing the window.

  • When the conversation ends, the chat history is automatically deleted.

  • It is recommended you clear your history when you leave this site.

  • Read more here for tips on keeping safe online.


  • You can text 613-544-6424 and you will be connected to a highly trained crisis and support volunteer.

  • You don’t need data or an internet connection to use the text service. You will be charged your regular phone plan service fees.

  • For your confidentiality and security, delete your text history when you are finished the conversation.

  • Read more here for tips on keeping safe online.

Photo of a young woman texting on a smart phone.


Even with using a secure and encrypted platform, nothing is 100% secure. Here are some tips on keeping safe when using our chat and text service.

  • Use a computer or device that is safe.

  • Use private browsing or incognito mode when using the chat function. 

  • Have a password for your phone and device.

  • Clear internet history after chatting with us.

  • Delete text history after texting with us. 

  • Don’t take screenshots. If you need to remember information like referrals, try writing it down in a safe place or saving it to a safe file.

  • If you think someone has installed spyware on your device, you may not want to use this device to chat or text us. 

For more resources about online safety, check out these resources.

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Who we are
Portrait of a young person.

WHO WE ARE is run by Sexual Assault Centre Kingston. The Centre is a not-for-profit organization providing free, confidential, and non-judgemental support for all survivors of recent and historic sexual violence in Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington since 1978. Other services available are counselling, distance counselling, public education and the 24 hour crisis and support phone line (1-877-544-6424 or 613-544-6424).


Survivors of all genders and sexualities over the age of 12 are welcome to access services at the Kingston Sexual Assault Centre. For more information visit

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